Ten simple step to keep your lake water in front of your house clean, clear and pure:  Protecting Your Waterfront Investment.

How to make your view of Lake Owen even more attractive and desirable:  A Fresh Look at Shoreland Restoration

The top ten plants for beauty and for attracting the most desirable birds:  Top Plants for Wildlife

The top native shrubs for northern Wisconsin  for a shoreline of bold color and beauty:  Top Ten Native Shoreline Plants

Overview of shoreline landscaping in Bayfield County.   Shoreland Restoration Guide for Bayfield County

Native plant guidance specific to Lake Owen and Bayfield County.  Updated Lake Owen native plant list.

How to be reimbursed for Lake Owen shoreline planting. Lake Owen shoreline landscaping grant information.

If you want to learn what plants are native to your areas, which ones are right for your site conditions, where to purchase them, or how to work with your local government to create ordinances friendly to native plants, go here:  Website for Native Plant Enthusiasts.